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The products offered by My Body Snatcher are tools to help you achieve your ideal look. We highly encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise while waist training. Here are a few of our favorite trainers and classes that can help you along the way. 

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Denise Bryers 

Boot Camp Cincinnati Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, INSANITY and Zumba Instructor and NPC Figure Competitor My personal weight loss journey started when I became tired. Tired of being exhausted, depressed, feeling insecure, and not loving myself. I vowed to finally work hard, lose weight and pursue my goal of becoming a personal trainer. Since 2010, I have lost over 75 pounds, became a personal trainer and helped my first client lose over 125 pounds! In February 2012, I started Boot Camp Cincinnati with just 5 participants. We are now 75 members strong and growing. In addition to being a trainer and boot camp instructor, I am a certified Zumba and Beachbody INSANITY Instructor as well. I offer 6AM Sweat Camp sessions at Woodlawn Center and provide personal training at Lean Styles Proactive Weightloss and Fitness Center, the same gym where I train as a NPC Figure Competitor. So far I have competed in three bodybuilding competitions and have placed in the the top five of each category I presented. I recently placed 2nd in Open Figure and 2nd in Masters Figure over 40 where I placed in the top three and became a Nationally Certified NPC Figure Competitor. Next year, I will compete in Junior Nationals. In addition to bodybuilding, I share a passion for running. I ran my first half marathon in 2013 and completed the Flying Pig in two hours and 36 minutes. As you can see, I love what I do! I love helping others reach their goals just as I have. I am passionate about instructing, coaching, educating and motiviating others to incorporate fitness, health, and nutrition into their lives! Are you next? Join our fitness community! Visit for more information.

Contact Info:

Phone: 513-400-6330



Instagram: fit2figure

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio 

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  Mimi Horton Fitness


I want to inspire, encourage and empower people to make their bodies run and function like the well-made machine it was created to be! Having a fit lifestyle isn't just for some it's for everyone! I've been over weight so I know the struggles and issues that come with being overweight...the sadness and depression. You have the power to change your life... let's do it together!

Contact Info:

Phone: 513-389-6222



Instagram: Naturally513

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio 


 Shannon Hammond 


My weight loss journey began in February 2013 when after weighing nearly 200 pounds I knew I needed to take control of my health, not just physical but mental. The partying, drinking alcohol, poor eating habits, low self-esteem and depression I suffered from an abusive relationship left me wanting to transform my life for the better. At the age of 39 I started working out consistently, changed my eating habits and since 2013 I have lost 60 pounds and have successfully kept it off.

In addition to my career in Information Technology, I am now training clients part time at Lean Styles Proactive Weight loss and Fitness Center. I also receive training and coaching at Lean Styles in preparation for NPC Figure Competitions. So far I have competed in three NPC Figure Competitions and have placed in the top five in two of those shows of each category I presented. I want to inspire and help others in the success of their journey.

Contact Info:

Phone: 513-846-1036


Instagram: itsmeshannon73

Twitter: mzshae7305

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio 


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