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High Waist Butt Lift with Wide Straps

High Waist Butt Lift with Wide Straps

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High Waist Butt Lifter With 2 Side Straps Body Shapewear with strong elasticity, lightweight, comfortable, and great to wear all day long.

Some Features: 

- The front row of hooks makes it convenient for you to take on and off  

- Add two bones to keep it upright, and easy to slip it on

- Two adjustable side straps have soft sponges inside for comfort & absorption of moisture  

- Firm fit to hug and snatch your curves firm hug to create a sleek waistline


SIZES.      WAIST (inches).         Hips (inches)

S                  26.0-28.3                    35.4-37.8

M                 28.3-30.7                     37.8-40.2

L                  30.7-33.1                      40.2-42.5

XL               33.1-35.4                      42.5-44.9

2XL             35.4-37.8                     44.9-47.2

3XL             37.8-40.2                      47.2-49.6


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