Snatch Back Bundle

$ 75.00 $ 89.00

Get your Snatch Back ASAP after the holidays! 

Our 14 Day Full Body Detox and Double Layered Snatcher will have you covered! 

Shed excess water & slim your waist down fast! Feel the warmth as the soft, specially formulated material heats up your mid section, helping you shed that unwanted belly bulge, giving you a chinched look you desire. Combine with regular exercise, you will experience quick results. Also wear while doing chores around the house or regular day to day activities.


Snatcher Size         Pant Size


S                               0-6

M                              8-12

L                              14-18

XL                            20-24

2XL                          26-28


An all natural blend of essential herbs is designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of toxins and nasty parasites. Just one 8 oz glass of this Detox Tea will provide you with dramatic results!

Clears Intestines

Reduce belly bloating

Boosts Immune System

Boost Weight-loss

Complete 14 day supply

Silk Individual Tea Bag 

**Comes with full suggested diet and exercise plan**


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